We offer a wide range of activities each month to keep moms and kids busy and having fun.  Some of our activities include:

Playgroups - Our age based playgroups meet about once a week and offer kids a chance to play with other children around their age as well as moms in similar stages to get to know one another.

Parkdates - Highlands Ranch is full of many beautiful parks that we take advantage of.  It is a great way to spend a Colorado Day outside.

Parties - We host many exciting parties each year with food, crafts, games and surprises.  It is a wonderful way for the whole club to get together and have fun.

Field trips - Living in Highlands Ranch, we are lucky to have so many interesting places nearby such as zoos, museums, shopping, restaurants, indoor play areas, etc.  MOMS Club HRE offers chances to explore some new places with friends.   

Get-togethers - Each month we have events on our calendar such as craft events for kids, pool dates, lunches or dinners at members houses, etc that offer even more chances to get to know other moms, develop friendships and find support, while having fun with your kids.

Clubs - MOMS Club HRE is excited to offer a number of clubs within our group such as a book club, running club, tennis club hootowls (husbands out of town or working late), and bike club to broaden our horizon as women and moms.

Moms Night Out - We also have occasional moms nights out that can be a movie, dinner, pedicure or something like that...just a chance for moms to bond as women.

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